9 Best Nail Salon Designs in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

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Planning on starting a nail salon this year, but confused about the best nail salon designs in 2024? Are you wondering what the most important factors you should consider when planning for a nail salon? 

In this article, you will learn about how to plan and execute your nail salon design,  the important factors to consider when you design a nail salon, and much more. 

What Is a Nail Salon?

A nail salon is a place that offers nail services for men and women, depending on the client’s requirements. A nail salon is also called a nail bar. Nail salons specialize in offering nail care services, such as nail enhancements, pedicures, and manicures. A few nail salons offer skincare services as well. 

People who work at nail salons are generally called nailists, nail technicians, or manicurists. Nail salons offer a variety of services, such as pedicures, french manicures, polish, acrylics, nail repair, or foot and hand treatments.

A few nail salons offer one-stop beauty services as a part of their nail salon services. Beauty services, such as waxing, facial treatments, and skincare. 

In the U.S., people who offer nail services are known as nail technicians. Nail technicians must hold a state-recognized, formal qualification in order to work as a nail technician at nail salons. 

9 Tips to Plan a Best Nail Salon Designs

When you decide to establish a nail salon and become your own boss, a lot of nail salon design ideas and plans pop up that can eventually put you in a state of confusion, not knowing what to do. As far as the planning phase is considered, it is all about trying to figure out ways to make the most out of the limited space you have and plan the best nail salon designs for your workspace.

It is also about creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some tips and nail salon interior design ideas that can make your salon stand out.

Here are some tips that can help you plan the best nail salon designs of your choice: 

9 Tips to Plan a Best Nail Salon Designs
9 Tips to Plan a Best Nail Salon Designs


It is always a good decision to start by planning a theme for your nail salon. Planning and finalizing a theme helps your nail salon stand out in your locality. It also helps in making your execution process hassle-free. 

Most of the time, the best nail salon designs that are theme-based have a lot of advantages. It is easy to promote the business and helps the business be easily recognized by people, loved by clients, and memorable to new customers. 

It also helps in planning better ways to utilize the limited space available and make them look aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes, with proper interior design tactics, you can even make a small space look bigger and more appealing to clients. The key is to be creative.


Once you have picked a theme for your nail salon, it is important to plan the nail salon interior design only around that theme. Here are some ways to plan the best nail salon designs according to your theme:

  • List things that are relatable to your theme, taking note of keywords related to your theme. 
  • Try to color-coordinate all the elements that are a part of your nail salon design.
  • Check the list of elements where you can ideate and implement your theme. 
  • Make sure to represent your theme in every possible way.

With that said, it is always good to keep things minimalistic. Remember, “Less is More.” 


Fixing a budget and planning accordingly cuts down on many unnecessary deviations, which can stop you from putting yourself into a confused state. When you fix the budget at the initial stage, it helps you to reconsider your nail salon design before you move further in the process. It also gives you the opportunity to make changes at the beginning stages. 

Plan your budget for each and every design element and the salon equipment required so you can have an idea of how much the entire project will cost. Budgeting helps you figure out how much you can afford for each and everything that goes into the making of your nail salon. It also helps you rework your budget for things you can spend less on. 

Make sure to plan your budget for essential things first, then add to your nail salon design as your business grows. Look for payment plans available.    


Setting up a unique focal point or a unique element when you plan your nail salon interior design helps promote your business in a unique way among the clients. You can add a statement piece to hide your not-so-favorite spot in your nail salon, as well as make the space look appealing.

A few things that may be added as a unique element or statement piece in your nail salon are:

  • A waiting chair.
  • A manicure table or workstation.
  • A pedicure chair.
  • A nail polish display. 
  • A decor item.
  • Wall art.

Make sure that the unique element or statement piece goes along with the theme you have planned for your nail salon.


The patterns and colors you choose for the interior design of your nail salon play a vital role in making your nail salon look aesthetically pleasing to your clients. So it is important to stay mindful of the colors and patterns you choose for the design.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help make your salon look bigger

  • Light shades make the space look bigger.
  • Color-coordinating walls, floors, and appliances can optically widen the space.
  • Vertical stripes make the space look higher and horizontal stripes make the space look wider.
  • Placing an element at a distance close to the ceiling draws attention making the room look higher than it really is.
  • Furniture with legs gives a more open feel than furniture without legs.
  • Translucent and transparent materials make everything behind them appear further away. 


Set up a space where your clients can wait or spend time as they wait for their turn. Creating a hangout spot to keep the clients engaged and from feeling bored is another trick to making your nail salon stand out in your locality. 

Some ideas to create a hangout corner are:

  • You can create an accent wall that adds a design element to your nail salon and an element that serves as a background for taking photos.
  • You can create a wall with pictures of your best work for the clients to have a look at.
  • You can have a dedicated place for clients to give their valuable feedback and reviews of your nail salon. 


Making use of the entire space in some way can be a design element and also a functional space. When you have no room to add elements to make a space more functional, you can be creative and use the wall and ceiling space for this. Some tips to making the most out of the space you have are:

  • Add wall decors to make the wall look appealing.
  • Create a textured wall.
  • Add hanging shelves and cabinets.
  • Add wall organizers to use the vertical space of the room.
  • Add sconces to spotlight certain elements of the interior.
  • Add paintings, posters, or pictures that go along with the theme you have chosen.
  • Add mirrors to reflect the light and interior, making the room appear bigger.
  • Ceiling lights can also be a statement element.
  • Murals on the ceiling that goes along with your theme.


Having a dedicated workspace or workstation can help you offer better service to your clients. Having a well-lit workstation helps in the efficiency of your work. Ensure that both the clients and the nail technicians are provided with comfortable seating.  

Here are a few things you should consider having in your workstation:

  • Nail dryers.
  • Manicure tables and chairs.
  • Salon stools.
  • Trolleys.
  • Pedicure chairs.
  • Storage space to keep your essential tools and equipment.


Plan and invest in equipment that is essential for building your nail service business. You can add more tools and equipment as you grow in your business. 

A few of the most essential equipment items you may need for a nail salon include:

  • Manicure station.
  • Pedicure chairs.
  • Sanitization station.
  • Nail polish rack.
  • Nail dryers.
  • Nail care tools, such as a file, buffer, nail polish remover, and nail polish.

You can also check out our blog to learn more about essential supplies for nail technicians

Wrapping Up

Plan the budget and the nail salon design according to your affordability and requirements. A lot of planning and effort goes into executing the plan for the best nail salon designs of your choice. Make sure to invest in the essential requirements first and slowly add more tools and equipment as you see growth in the business. Your essential requirements might vary depending on factors like affordability, the locality of your salon, or clientele. 

As far as designing the salon space is concerned, always remember ‘Less is More.‘ Plan your interior design in a minimal way and you can add more as you see growth in your career. 

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