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Many years ago, while we were members on The Board of Cosmetology, we noticed a disturbing trend in the cosmetology field that made us realize that there is an unfair disadvantage against cosmetology students.

The written portion of the state board exam had an extremely high fail rate (49% of students fail their exams *YIKES*).

We started wondering, why do so many students fail their exams?

After interviewing hundreds of students who failed, we realized one common problem all of them had.

Simply put, they didn’t know what to study for their exam.

The state board exam will use at least 5 different textbooks, that’s 5,000+ pages in total, to test students on their knowledge of all things cosmetology.

If you’re like us, you don’t want to spend your time memorizing information that may or may not show up on your exam, you only want to study the material that will be on your exam (#DUH!).

But now the question was, how do we help students find out what will be on their exam?

That’s when we had an epiphany.

We knew that with our industry connections, we could get privileged information that most people don’t have access to, like official test banks.

Soon after, we began buying test bank questions directly from the same company that writes the official state board exam questions every year.

We then took those test bank questions and created simulated state board exams for students to practice and prepare for their exams.

Right away, we noticed a huge improvement in the pass rate of students who used our practice questions to prepare for their exam, BUT WE DIDN’T STOP THERE.

We began to pour over pages and pages of data from test takers who failed their exams to see what areas they could use improvements on. After we found some common threads between all of the students, we refined our practice questions to target those problem areas that most students struggle with every year on the exam.

In the final touch, we tested our course from beginning to end using students who wanted to pass their state board exam. Women and men. Young and old. Even students who were long done with school and believed they couldn’t pass the exam to save their life!

Again and again and again, students used our practice questions to successfully pass their exam. They accomplished in weeks what took students years and hundreds of dollars in continued testing fees.

We all have a need to progress in life to our most highest potential. Cosmetology Guru’s review helps you release that and make it the foundation of a Rich Life.

State Board Exam Pass Rates

The national pass rate is 51%

Our pass rate is 98.5%

Why our exam review is different:

Festures & Benefits

Powerful Practice Tests

Our comprehensive practice tests include questions direct from this years state board exam. No fluff. No unneccesary information. We cut out all of the distracting information from the 5,000+ pages of assigned reading.

Regular Updates

Our study course is updated regularly to match any and all changes in the upcoming exam. This ensures you are always studying the most current and up-to-date information possible.

Authentic Simulated Exams

Our simulated state board exams mirror all the behaviors of the actual test. Each of our simulated exams are created with the most precise content make up of the state board exam. We time and grade each of our simulated exams the same way.

Lifetime Access

Once you purchase your study package, it is good forever; no renewal fees, no subscriptions. We’ve got you covered whether you decide to prepare for your exam today or next year.

State of the Art Algorithm

Our algorithm will find and target all of your weak areas. Our algorithm will then customize your testing process to help you focus on those areas in order to eliminate them one-by-one.

Highest Pass Rate

Our study material is so good, our students pass at double the national average! Our practice exam authors, peer reviewers, editors, technical support are responsive to your needs and dedicated to you passing your exam the first time.

Results Tracking

Our results tracking system allows you to take a break at any point in the course and return at a later time.

100% Pass & Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer an unbeatable return policy, pass or your money back! We wouldn’t make such a bold offer if we weren’t truly confident in our material.

Flexible Studying

Our study package is accessible using any device of your choice; desktop, laptop, cellphone, tablet. You can use your course anytime, anywhere using any device of your choosing.

Best Value For Your Money

Instead of racking up testing fees by attempting your state board exam over and over again, pay once for our program and pass your exam on your first try.

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