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State Board Exam Pass Rates

The national pass rate is 51%

Our pass rate is 98.5%

So how do we do it? Read on for some behind-the-scenes secrets to our method...

A little bit more about us

As a company, we have a six-year track record of helping thousands of people pass their exams. We’re a mix of e-learning experts and experienced cosmetology instructors, so we know both WHAT to teach and HOW to teach.

Our combined skills mean we can produce test prep resources that are efficient and effective in helping you pass right away.

Our risk-free money-back guarantee

We’re 100% confident that you’ll love our study packages and go on to ace your exam! But if you’re disappointed for any reason at all, we don’t want your money: just email us for a full, prompt refund. It’s the most generous guarantee in the industry, and we’re proud to offer it.

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