Cosmetology Job Opening

Cosmetology Job Opening

Beauty salons and spas on board most of the luxury cruise ships offer passengers full-service treatments ranging from aroma and aqua-spas, body wraps, and mud baths, to facials, massages and hair do’s.

Even the smaller and older cruise ships are now paying more attention to the highest quality beauty salon/spa services and fitness programs on board, resulting in an ever-growing need for beauty, skincare, and fitness professionals.

On-board salons and spas are either run in-house or by a concessionaire company who are responsible for hiring the following cruise ship job positions: beauty salon/ spa manager, assistant salon/ spa manager, hair stylist/ hairdresser, barber, beauty therapist/ beautician, nail technician, acupuncturist, massage therapist and fitness instructor/ personal trainer.

Using the latest in beauty technology, the salons must offer passengers a variety of treatments and pampering. Hours can sometimes be long, especially on formal nights, which usually fall on a sea day.

Wages vary according to your experience and area of expertise, the cruise line, size, and itineraries of the cruise ship, but are, however, supplemented by tips and commission from product sales.

Beauty Salon/Spa Manager

Job description: the salon manager oversees the entire operations envelope of the spa and fitness division aboard the cruise ship. For the cruise line to meet its highest standards of service, they manage and train the salon/fitness staff onboard.

She/ he is also responsible for improving the personnel’s ability to achieve and exceed company sales goals through highly developed promotional and visual skills, as well as the development of the abilities of the staff – massage therapists, beauty therapists, hairdressers, personal trainers, nail technicians and acupuncturists to promote successfully their services and certain products among guests.

Some of the managers are promoted within the company, however, candidates possessing the necessary organizational and leadership skills with land-based salon/ spa managerial experience will be considered for hire.

Job Requirements: Excellent verbal and written command of the English language is required. Beauty Salon/ Spa Manager salary range: $3,800-$6,700 U.S. per month, depending on the cruise line, commission, size, and itineraries of the cruise ship and also on the overall performance/ sales results of the ship’s Spa department.

Assistant Beauty Salon Manager

Job description: the assistant manager is responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations of the department aboard the cruise ship as directed by the spa manager. She/ he is in charge of the close monitoring of the beauty and fitness personnel’s daily sales performance results, condition of treatment rooms, supply of products, and consumptives needed for the various body, skin, and hair treatments and procedures.

The assistant manager is expected to assist and support the staff members in providing the highest possible services to guests and in achieving their personal sales goals. In many cases the assistant spa managers are promoted within the company after fulfilling at least one contract at sea and demonstrating the skills and personal qualities required for the position, however, beauty salon and managerial experience are required for candidates without previous cruise ship experience.

Assistant Beauty Salon/ Spa Manager salary range: $3,000-$5,500 U.S. per month, depending on the cruise line, commission, size, and itineraries of the cruise ship. Possibilities for promotion to Salon Manager position.

Beauty Therapist

Job description: Beauty Therapist is responsible for examining the skin of the customer and accordingly suggesting the best body treatments and massage therapies to them. They will be responsible for recommending and suggesting the best advice using short-term and long-lasting hair removal techniques.

The duties of a beauty therapist include providing manicures and pedicures as well as face and body massages. They also remove the facial hair by threading process or waxing. Beauty therapists make sure that all the spaces are hygienic and clean. They are also responsible to manage the day-to-day appointments of the customers.

Job requirements: beauty therapists must be fluent in English, oral and written, also other languages if required. The average salary of beauty therapists is $25,654 per year.


Job description: hairdresser or barber is responsible for performing professional, customer-oriented hair and barbering services. Provide professional hair and barber services and wellness education in order to maximize SPA revenues and achieve the highest levels of guest satisfaction.

The common duties of a hairdresser or a barber are delivering the highest standard of service with the SPA facilities. They also manage guest appointments and consultations. Maintains the visual presentation of the salon workstations. They also follow all sanitation and cleaning processes for workstations and equipment.

Job Requirements: The hairdresser must be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. Must hold relevant qualifications. The average salary of the hairdresser or barber is $29,680 per year.

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