State Board Exam Day Requirements

State Board Exam Day Requirements

As your exam day begins to approach, it is important to be aware of the requirements you have to meet in order to be able to take your exam.

**Important** On the day you come to take your Cosmetology State Board Exam, you must have finished your training program and all of your hours must be reported by your school or referring program.

Required identification for entry into your exam

You are required to provide originals of qualifying pieces of identification. Your name on your identification is required to match your name exactly as listed in your online account.

Two forms of government issued identification are required. One piece of identification must include a current photo. Your name is required to match on both forms unless you also bring documentation of name change (for example, official court document indicating name change, etc.).

Accepted as Identification Original Identification With Photo:
• U.S. or foreign driver’s license – valid, or expired within one year
• U.S. armed services ID card – with photo and signature
• U.S. or foreign passport – valid, or expired within one year
• Federal or state employee ID Card – valid, shows your signature and photo
• State issued ID card with photo – valid, or expired within one year
• Immigration ID – valid, with signature from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
• U.S. Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization – with signature and photo
• U.S. Permanent Resident Card – valid, with your signature and photo
• Tribal ID card
• U.S. Veteran’s Administration ID card – valid with photo Original Identification Without Photo
• Certified birth certificate – original or certified document
• Social Security card (not laminated) or Tax Payer ID letter
• U.S. government-issued work visa – valid
• Voter’s card
• Medicare card
• Social Security Administration receipt of name change / replacement card

Examples of items accepted as identification copies of ID:

• Cosmetology license
• Credit cards
• Costco card
• Jury summons
• Gun permit
• Car insurance card
• Car registration
If you are unable to meet the identification requirements noted above, please contact National Testing Network (NTN) at 1-866-563-3882.

You are required to provide bio-metric authentication and your digital signature when you check-in on exam day.

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