9 Highest Paying Cosmetology Instructor Jobs

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Are you a professional cosmetology instructor or are passionate about becoming a cosmetology instructor? If you are looking for the highest paying cosmetology instructor jobs and how to find one, you are in the right place. 

This article focuses on guiding you to jobs that suit your qualifications. Go through this post to learn more about cosmetology instructor career paths, the highest paying jobs, and the highest paying cities. 

What Is a Cosmetology Instructor?

Cosmetology instructors are cosmetology professionals responsible for teaching technical techniques and principles to students in the cosmetology industry. They teach various programs, like skin care, styling, hair cutting, makeup, and nails. 

They work in beauty schools to help people master cosmetology. Instructors must stay up-to-date with new technologies and techniques in the cosmetology industry. 

9 of the Highest Paying Cosmetology Instructor Jobs in the U.S.

The average salary of a cosmetology instructor in the U.S is $48,999. The average bonus for instructors is 3% of their salary. Furthermore some of the highest paying cities for cosmetology instructors. 

Highest Paying Cosmetology Instructor Jobs
Highest Paying Cosmetology Instructor Jobs

The Career Path for Cosmetology Instructors 

Cosmetology instructors are not only for teaching and classroom-related jobs. To pursue your career as a cosmetology instructor, you must know the career path. Let us discuss some career options available to instructors. As licensed instructors, they may have the following career opportunities:

  • A beauty school owner or manager. 
  • A workshop leader. 
  • Spa or salon owner. 
  • An independent educational consultant. 

Cosmetology Instructor Job Openings 

Becoming an instructor and succeeding in the industry requires you to have the right knowledge and skills. There are a lot of opportunities for instructors in the industry. Now, let us discuss the recent and ongoing job openings for cosmetology instructors: 

JOB 1:

Company name: Empire Education Group. 

Role: Educator (Cosmetology Instructor). 

Empire Education Group is actively hiring a full-time cosmetology instructor. They are seeking educators who are passionate, dedicated, and professional to join the Empire Education Group. They prefer experienced candidates. This is an associate-level job. 

The location for the job opening is in Portland, ME. 

For further details on this job opening, refer to the Empire Education Group page.

JOB 2:

Company name: Dorsey College.

Role: Cosmetology Instructor. 

Dorsey College is looking for a cosmetology instructor with a current COS and COS instructor license. They prefer a candidate with prior experience in teaching. The instructor must have excellent communication and analytical skills. They must have the ability to work well independently and within a team. This is an associate-level job.

The location for this job opening is Roseville, MI.

To learn more about this job opening, visit the Dorsey College page. 

JOB 3:

Company name: Fox Valley Technical College.

Role: Cosmetology Instructor. 

Fox Valley Technical College is collecting a pool of people to teach cosmetology part-time. The job responsibilities are to deliver instructions and ongoing learning strategies that meet the needs of the students. A state license as a cosmetologist is required. They prefer a minimum of 2 years of experience and an individual with an associate degree. This is an associate-level role

The job location of this role is in Appleton, WI.

Check out the Fox Valley Technical College page to find out further details about the job role. 

JOB 4:

Company name: Baltimore County Public Schools.

Role: Cosmetology Teacher.

Baltimore County Public Schools is hiring a full-time cosmetology teacher. Must be a licensed cosmetologist in Maryland. It is preferred to have three to five years of experience. You must have a copy of your transcripts, teacher certification, and state test scores. This is an entry-level job. 

The location of this job opening is in Baltimore, MD

Visit Baltimore County Public Schools to learn more about this job role. 

JOB 5:

Company name: Milan Institute. 

Role: Cosmetology Instructor. 

Milan Institute is a private post-secondary school and is seeking a full-time cosmetology instructor to mentor and teach its students. The candidate must have three to five years of experience in cosmetology. It is required to have a current cosmetology license. This is an associate-level job. 

This job opening is in Visalia, CA

For further details about this job opening, visit the Milan Institute page. 

JOB 6:

Company name: Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.

Role: Cosmetology Instructor. 

The Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is hiring for a full-time cosmetology instructor. They are seeking educators who have excellent verbal and communication skills. The candidate must hold the current state teaching license. This is an associate-level job role. 

This job location is in Bloomington, IN.

To learn more about this job opening, visit The Tricoci University of Beauty Culture page. 

JOB 7:

Company name: Southeastern College. 

Role: Cosmetology Instructor.

Southeastern College is expecting to select industry-experienced members for cosmetology instructors. The instructor must have a diploma in cosmetology and a state cosmetology license. Must have four years of professional experience in this field. This is a full-time, associate-level position. 

This job opening is in Columbia, SC

You can visit the Southeastern College page to learn more about this job opening. 

JOB 8:

Company name: Paul Mitchell Schools.

Role: Cosmetology Instructor.

Paul Mitchell Schools is seeking a licensed cosmetology instructor. They are expecting an experienced instructor. This is a full-time, associate-level job. Must be passionate about educating, learning, and helping others. 

This job opening is in Sarasota, FL.

Visit the Paul Mitchell Schools page to learn more about this job opening. 

JOB 9:

Company name: Chester County Intermediate Unit.

Role: Cosmetology Instructor. 

Chester County Intermediate Unit has a vacancy for a cosmetology instructor position. A PA state board of cosmetology teaching license and a PA department of education teaching vocational I or II certification are required. This is a full-time, associate-level job opening.

This job opening is in Downingtown, PA

To learn more about this job opening visit the Chester County Intermediate Unit page. 

The Highest Paying Cities for Cosmetology Instructors 

There are some cities that pay well for cosmetology instructors. Here are some cities where the earning potential for cosmetology instructors is high. 

Highest Paying Cities for Cosmetology Instructors
Highest Paying Cities for Cosmetology Instructors 
  • Roseville, MI
  • Shakopee, MN
  • Oakland, CA
  • Gulfport, MS
  • Brownsville, TX
  • Madison, WI
  • Asheville, NC
  • Kissimmee, FL
  • Lake Charles, LA
  • Indianapolis, IN

Wrapping Up 

If you are passionate about the fashion and beauty industry and are interested in becoming a cosmetology instructor, these jobs can be the right ones for you. With growing demands, the cosmetology instructor is expected to expand in the upcoming years. 

If you are preparing for a cosmetology exam, or you know someone who is, refer to the free practice test to prepare for the exams effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


In general, cosmetology instructors will need to complete an accredited cosmetology program that takes between eight months to two years to complete. You must work as a licensed cosmetology instructor for two years and complete an additional instructor training program, which takes up to a year to complete. 


There are a few steps to procuring a cosmetology instructor license that differs in each state. The first step is your eligibility to apply for the exam. Then apply for and pass the instructor exam in your particular state. The final step is to apply for a cosmetology instructor license. 


Cosmetology instructors need a combination of hard and soft skills to be successful in this role. This includes: 

  • Technical knowledge of esthetics, beauty, and cosmetology. 
  • Strong communication skills. 
  • Coaching and training skills.
  • Time management skills. 

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