15 Perfect Gifts for an Esthetician!

gifts for an esthetician

Do you have an esthetician friend? Are you planning to gift your esthetician friend? Confused about the options available for gifts for an esthetician in the U.S.?

Gift-giving is a universally understood gesture showing kindness, love, and appreciation to someone special in your life. And you want to make sure you get them something just right – something you know they’ll love!

That can be kind of tricky, especially if they work in a field like esthetics. How do you know what to get them they don’t already have? You don’t want to get them something that seems like a cop-out, either; you want them to know you put thought into it.

But finding the perfect gift for your skin-obsessed friend doesn’t have to be a challenge!

Estheticians pamper and beautify other people all the time and work long hours. So it makes sense that they would especially appreciate gifts that help them relax or ones that help them be more efficient at work!

If you need some inspiration, check out these 15 gifts for an esthetician! Let’s now dive into the details.

15 Gifts for Estheticians You Can Consider

#1 Facial Serums

Estheticians are skin care specialists, but they also work in a field that’s known for its long hours and exhausting work.

Let’s face it (no pun intended), most of the time, estheticians are too tired or burnt out to focus on their own skin. And that’s exactly what makes facial serums spectacular gifts for an esthetician!

What better way to thank them for all they do for others than to remind them that their skin, too, is worth caring for? It’s both a thoughtful and practical gift!

Not to mention, serums don’t have to cost a fortune, so they can work in almost any budget. And they’ll last for months at a time, depending on what size/how many you get!

Here are a few of our favorite serums that you can consider as gifts for an esthetician and they would absolutely love:

  • TruSkin Vitamin C for Face: A true best friend for your skin. With elements like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and witch hazel this serum will boost your skin.
Tree of life Anti-Ageing
Tree of life Anti-Ageing
L'Oreal Paris Pure Hyaluronic
L’Oreal Paris Pure Hyaluronic

#2 Spa Day

gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Spa day

Is someone special in your life an esthetician? Do you just really want to go above and beyond, and do something amazing for them? If the answer is yes, then consider giving them the gift of a spa day!

They spend countless hours giving facials, waxing and relaxing their clients. Show your gratitude by gifting them a paid-in-full day at your local spa.

They’ll love being on the receiving end of the indulgence and pampering treatments! A massage, facial, nail treatment, and maybe even mud bath is all they need to get rejuvenated from the demands of their day-to-day life.

You can send them to your local spa, or you can check out one of these chain spas that have locations all around the United States:

  • Woodhouse spa: Upscale day spa with experiences like essential oil massages, facials, and even sleep treatments!
  • Massage LuXe: Affordable spa packages – including facials, massages (with add-ons), and even a dry-water massage!
  • Recoop Modern Luxury Spa: Modern spa center offering an all rounder from facial, nails, hair removal, seasonal offers. You can relax and rejuvenate your body through the different services offered.

#3 Light Up Magnifying Mirror

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Light Up Magnifying Mirror

Estheticians are in the business of helping people look and feel their best. Due to the nature of their job, it’s important for them to look and feel their best as well.

Plus, most estheticians have a passion for skin care – that is why they became estheticians, after all!

So why not give them a practical gift that they’ll use nearly every single day that will help them reignite their passion for the art of skin care? And a light-up magnifying mirror will do just that! A mirror light will be another good options for gifts for an esthetician.

Finding a mirror with a built-in light and magnification on one side is great for three reasons:

  1. The lighting will help them apply and blend makeup easier (especially when natural lighting is lacking).
  2. The magnification will help them out with things like that impossible to get, perfectly winged eyeliner.
  3. Both the light and the magnification will help them out tremendously when they want to show a little self-love and do their own skincare treatments at home!

This mirror from Fancii is a great example. It has a strong, 10x magnification and a fully adjustable base; not to mention it folds up and even has a travel pouch, too!

#4 Witty T-Shirt

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Witty T-Shirt

Estheticians are all about looking their best, both with their glowing skin and their ahead-of-the-trend fashion sense!

If you know a fashionista with a sense of humor, why not gift them a clever tee?

Whether they’re a beauty magician who loves relaxing in something super soft, or someone who tells it like it is; it’s hard to go wrong with a gift they’ll never want to take off!

Not only will your beauty expert friend get a good laugh, but you won’t have to spend a ton of money to do it, either. And can you really have too many casual shirts?

And if you need a couple more ideas, check out some of our favorite playful tees:

#5 Blackhead Remover Tool Kit

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Blackhead Remover Tool Kit

So, most people probably know that an esthetician does facials, and facials generally include removing blemishes.

And also, let’s be honest, there’s a lot of people out there who like extracting blackheads (even if some won’t admit it).

This blackhead remover tool kit comes with 15 pieces, including:

  • Comedone Extractors
  • Electroplated Needle
  • Multi-Purpose Tools

This gift can have a dual purpose: it can either be used by the esthetician personally or be reserved for use on their clients.

For one thing, you can never have too many tools. And, since the ones in this kit are made with 100% professional stainless steel, they’re easy to sanitize and sturdy enough for repeated use!

This kit also comes with a super cute leather case that makes it easy to store up and take to and from the salon whenever needed.

#6 Illuminated Headband Magnifier

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Illuminated Headband Magnifier

Estheticians sometimes need to focus in on problem areas of the skin, or difficult-to-remove blemishes. And this tool by Fancii is the ultimate instrument for anyone who does precision work!

You can wear it one of two ways: as a headband, or as glasses. It has soft padding and is ergonomically designed, so it’s great for a full days of work.

It comes with five interchangeable magnifiers, from 1x to 3.5x. You can wear regular glasses under them, and they’re made of sturdy acrylic that doesn’t distort what you’re looking at.

The magnifying aspect will help to see and work on smaller skin imperfections, and the bright LED lights will help keep the client’s skin evenly lit, all while not causing a glare.

#7 Spa Decor

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Spa decor

Do you know someone who loves to decorate their station? Or maybe they own their own business and could use a little extra somethin’ to put on their wall?

If so, you could always gift some cute, skin care-themed wall decorations! They can add a little inspiration, list off some specialized talents, or simply give a little added flair to the room!

Plus, they aren’t crazy expensive, and there are a ton of options out there for you to choose from! That gives you the ability to pick something out that is unique to your person!

Here is a couple of our favorite esthetician themed decorations:

  • Facials: Sleek and chic – a perfect picture for the modern salon!
  • One Facial Away: Great for reminding clients about just what they need!
  • Hanging Door Sign: A subtle wall hanging to brighten your spa center!

#8 Notebook

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Notebook

Everyone gets busy every once in a while, right? And estheticians are by no means an exception.

In the world of cosmetology, long hours, squeezing in last-minute clients, and overbooking yourself is just another part of the job. Which is why a notebook would be a great present!

Having a dedicated place to keep track of all your notes while you’re running behind can be a great help. You can look back after a hard day’s work and remember which clients needed to be rescheduled, and who needs to be seen ASAP for a skin emergency!

But we’re not just talking about any old notebook, either. Sure, you can run to Walmart and get a cute glittery spiral-bound that will suffice, or you can wow your friend with esthetician-themed notebooks, like these:

  • Lash It, Wax It: And do a whole lot more! Perfect bound with 120 cream pages. Perfect size for someone still in beauty school!
  • Licensed Esthetician: But hey, the world should know who I am right?
  • For the Skilled: A funky and bright, colorful design will catch your eye even in the busiest moments!

#9 52 Week Planner

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – 52 Week Planner

Most estheticians act as an entrepreneur in some way or another. Whether it be by owning their own salon or renting a station in someone else’s, to even working in a traditional spa – most skincare specialists are in charge of their own scheduling and clients.

Being in this line of work is hectic, to say the least. And staying organized is of the utmost importance. Which is why something like a 52-week planner would be a great gift!

An added bonus would be finding one directed at business owners. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

#10 Beautician Charm Bracelet

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Beautician Charm Bracelet

Ever since Pandora came out with their upscale, luxe adult charm bracelets, the dangly wristlets have made a comeback in the fashion world!

Unfortunately, Pandora’s charm collection is severely lacking in beautician-related trinkets. But not to worry! There are other, just as gorgeous charm bracelets that do allow your esthetician friend to express their passions.

Why not gift them a little arm candy? This charm bracelet from Pammytail is perfect for any skin care specialist. It’s expandable, which means no fiddling with annoying clasps, and it includes four beauty-related charms:

  • Mascara
  • Makeup compact
  • “Beautiful”
  • Makeup Brush

That’s not to mention that it’s one of the only ones on the market (there are not a lot of esthetician-related charm bracelets), making it a unique and special gift!

#11 Face Roller

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Face Roller

For those of us who are unsure, a face roller is essentially like a paint roller, but for your face. They are used to enhance circulation and reduce puffiness, among other things. Some people even claim it helps relieve sinus pressure!

An esthetician is probably already familiar with this type of product, but even if they have one for their clients, they probably don’t have one for themselves!

This gift is a great way to remind them that they, too, are worth some pampering. It’s a great way to show them (and their skin) some love!

Here are some of the best face rollers that are worth checking out:

  • Rose Quartz Face Roller: The rose quartz and rose gold really make this a beautiful gift!
  • Joanna Czech Massage Roller: This ultra high-end, double-headed roller really works out your muscles for a daily deep treatment!
  • BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool: Microneedling adds something extra to the basic rollers. This luxury tool gives a microneedling facial at home – perfect for the esthetician who needs to show their skin some love!

#12 Sanitizing Tray

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Sanitizing Tray

Pretty much any cosmetologist can attest to the importance of proper hygiene and sanitization of their tools and work space. It’s a part of every beauty school program, and for a good reason!

Not sanitizing your skincare equipment can lead to the spread of potentially harmful (and gross) germs and diseases.

Tools need to be properly cleaned and sanitized, but disinfecting each one individually can be a tedious task. That’s why a sanitizing tray would be such a great gift! It makes quick work by sanitizing multiple tools at once, thoroughly and effectively.

Not only is this gift time-saving, but trays also ensure that every part of the tool is disinfected. There’s much less of a chance of missing a spot than if you did it by hand.

Any esthetician would appreciate this effective and time-saving gift! This professional disinfecting tray by Mehaz is a great option.

You simply put the tools onto the slotted tray (this one can hold tools up to 7 inches long), lower them into the solution, and lift them out when done! The excess liquid drains out the bottom, so you don’t have to touch the solution and potentially contaminate it.

Plus it has a super sleek design that will fit in with almost any salon setting!

#13 Towel Warmer

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Towel Warmer

In case you haven’t heard, cosmetologists use a lot of towels. Estheticians, in particular, have a tendency to use warm towels when doing things like facials.

A towel warmer would make a great gift for your esthetician friend! While you can never have too many (especially if they’re always super busy), some don’t have one at all.

If such an important weapon is missing or lacking in your spa personnel’s arsenal, why not give them one?

This premium towel warmer by JJ Care is lightweight and portable, which is especially great for an esthetician who changes stations or workplaces frequently. It holds 12 face towels and heats to 178 degrees in only 10 minutes!

K-Salon offers the highest rated towel warmer. Professional grade and high quality, this tool can hold up to 24 facial towels (including traditional and disposable ones). It heats to 170 degrees and has a drip tray that only needs to be changed daily. Perfect for the busy beautician!

#14 Double Wax Warmer

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician – Double Wax Warmer

Eyebrows, lips, legs, Brazilian – there’s a lot of waxing treatments out there. They are very popular, and estheticians are very busy doing them.

That’s why a double wax warmer is such a great gift idea! Wax can sometimes take a long time to melt, and sometimes estheticians are too booked to wait that long.

With a double wax warmer, they’ll have double the capacity for those extra-long days. It can also be a convenient way to heat both soft and hard wax at the same time, while still keeping them separated and organized!

SkinAct offers one of the best dual warmers on the market. Not only is it high quality and modern looking, but it also comes with a one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. Plus, it has two handles on the sides which makes moving it a piece of cake!

#15 Rolling Cart

Gifts for an esthetician
Gifts for an esthetician -Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a staple in nearly every cosmetology career setting. It allows you to keep all your necessities neatly organized yet portable, so you can move them all at a moment’s notice!

This is a gift for those who don’t have one yet, or who could use a little upgrade. It makes a great gift for estheticians who is just starting their own salon or who just graduated from beauty school.

Ameriwood Home Marshall makes a phenomenal metal cart. It has three shelves, which is more than enough to carry everything from wax strips to latex gloves!

This cart can hold up to 20 pounds per shelf. Its sleek design makes it an ideal addition for every salon, yet it still comes in a variety of colors (like white, red, and even teal) to match their specific style.

Any skincare specialist would appreciate this extremely practical gift and make good use of it, too!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there’s no shortage of gifts for an esthetician. And this list isn’t even exhaustive!

If that special someone is almost becoming an esthetician but isn’t registered yet, you can show them you care by sharing this free practice test with them. Even better, here is our esthetics exam prep kit to help them get ready for their main exam. 

Ultimately, your budget and who you’re buying for should determine your gift. Whether a stylish bracelet for a fashionista or a wax warmer for the busy bee, there’s no shortage of ideal presents for the special beautician in your life!

And remember, any gift is a kind gesture, and it’s the thought that counts!

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