State Board Exam Essentials

State Board Exam Essentials

State Board Prep Essentials

If you’re reading this page, chances are, you’re getting serious about preparing for your State Board Exam. 

We would like to congratulate you on taking this monumental step! (and please don’t freak out, we’ll be standing beside you the entire way :D)

The list of supplies we recommend below are meant to help you during the prep phase.  We used a combination of science and student feedback to create this list of recommendations for you.

Classic Notebook

According to a new study, Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer of Princeton University and UCLA Los Angeles respectively, found that students who write out their notes by hand actually learn more than those who type their notes on laptops.

For this reason, we recommend having a handy dandy notebook to jot down daily notes as you study.


We may be in the digital age but pens will never be obsolete. We recommend buying a quality pen(s) so you can neatly write down notes in your notebook.

Sticky Notes

Colored sticky notes can make studying feel like a joy, rather than a chore! Write down terms or concepts that you’re struggling with and then stick them in various parts of your house that you visit regularly so that you’re in constant contact with the content.


Grab a fun colored highlighter and highlight all the key terms and concepts in your notebook to refresh your mind.

Desk Organizer

A neat study area has been linked to increased productivity and focus. Organizing your study area takes a matter of minutes to do so don’t go another day studying in a messy environment.


Make an appointment to take your State Board Exam, write the date down in your calendar and track your progress everyday to see where you are in your preparation phase. You can write down daily study goals in your calendar to help keep you on track for the big date!

Ok, so there you have it!

Preparing for the State Board Exam is all about strategy. Whether you pass or fail your exam will come down to how effective your strategy was. If you don’t have a study strategy, there is almost a 95% chance you will fail your State Board Exam. So we recommend that you take time out of your day and create a brief strategy for yourself. A strategy that is personalized for your schedule and study habits.

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