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cosmetology news publications

Are you subscribed to any online cosmetology news publications? In the rapidly evolving world of cosmetology, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, legislation, and product releases is crucial for both professionals and aspiring cosmetologists.

By subscribing to reputable online publications, you can gain valuable insights and keep yourself ahead of the curve.

In this article, we will explore three of the most well-known cosmetology trade websites for hair stylists and highlight the benefits of staying connected to these platforms.

1. Modern Salon: Where Innovation Meets Inspiration

Modern Salon is a leading online publication that serves as a hub for hair stylists, colorists, salon owners, and beauty professionals. With a wealth of articles, tutorials, and industry news, Modern Salon provides a comprehensive resource for staying informed. Here’s why subscribing to Modern Salon is a must:

1.1 Stay Updated on Legislative Changes

Modern Salon keeps you informed about new legislation that affects cosmetology licenses in the United States. This is particularly important for professionals who need to stay compliant with evolving regulations. Whether it’s licensing requirements or changes in health and safety guidelines, Modern Salon ensures that you have the latest information at your fingertips.

1.2 Discover New Products and Services

As a hair stylist, offering the latest products and services can give you a competitive edge. Modern Salon is often the first platform where companies announce new products, tools, and techniques. By subscribing to their newsletter, you can be among the first to know about innovative solutions that can enhance your salon offerings and delight your clients.

1.3 Access Exclusive Resources and Continuing Education

Modern Salon goes beyond news and product announcements. They also provide valuable resources like color formulas, tips, and techniques to help you excel in your craft. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new hairstyle or seeking educational materials for professional development, Modern Salon has you covered.

2. Behind The Chair: Unleash Your Creativity

Behind The Chair (BTC) is a vibrant online community dedicated to hairdressers and beauty professionals. Known for its dynamic platform, BTC offers an array of features that cater to the needs of stylists:

2.1 Engage in Discussions and Networking

BTC provides a platform for stylists to connect, share ideas, and engage in discussions. Whether you’re seeking advice on a specific technique or looking for inspiration from fellow professionals, the BTC community offers a supportive and collaborative environment.

2.2 Learn from Industry Experts

One of the highlights of Behind The Chair is their library of educational content. From step-by-step tutorials to in-depth articles written by industry experts, BTC offers a wealth of knowledge to help you refine your skills and explore new trends in the world of hair styling.

2.3 Attend Virtual Events and Webinars

Behind The Chair hosts virtual events and webinars featuring renowned professionals in the industry. These events provide opportunities to learn from the best, gain insights into emerging trends, and expand your network within the cosmetology community.

3. American Salon: Elevate Your Craft

American Salon is a trusted source of inspiration and education for hairdressers and salon owners. Here’s why you should consider subscribing to American Salon:

3.1 Find Inspiration and Trends

American Salon showcases the latest trends, styles, and techniques through captivating visuals and engaging articles. By staying connected to American Salon, you can draw inspiration from top stylists and innovators in the industry, keeping your creativity fresh and your clients impressed.

3.2 Business Insights and Strategies

Running a successful salon goes beyond technical skills. American Salon provides valuable insights into salon management, marketing strategies, and client relations. By incorporating business tips from American Salon, you can elevate your craft and grow your salon business.

3.3 Exclusive Interviews and Features

American Salon offers exclusive interviews with influential personalities in the beauty industry. From celebrity hairstylists to entrepreneurs, these interviews provide a glimpse into the journeys and successes of industry leaders, motivating and inspiring you to reach new heights in your career.

Wrapping Up

Subscribing to online cosmetology news publications is a game-changer for both professionals and students in the field. Websites like Modern Salon, Behind The Chair, and American Salon offer a wealth of information, inspiration, and resources that can help you stay ahead of the curve. By remaining connected to these platforms, you can keep up with legislative changes, discover new products and services, access valuable resources, engage with fellow professionals, and elevate your craft.

If you are interested in becoming a cosmetologist, take our free practice test to take your preparation for the exam to the next level. Embrace the power of online publications and unlock a world of opportunities in the ever-evolving realm of cosmetology.


Are these online cosmetology news publications free to subscribe to?

Yes, all three publications mentioned in this article—Modern Salon, Behind The Chair, and American Salon—offer free subscriptions to their newsletters.

Can students benefit from subscribing to these online publications?

Absolutely! Aspiring cosmetologists can gain valuable insights, learn new techniques, and stay informed about industry trends by subscribing to these online publications. It’s a great way to enhance their knowledge and prepare for their future careers.

Can I access these online publications on my mobile device?

Yes, all three websites—Modern Salon, Behind The Chair, and American Salon—are mobile-friendly, allowing you to access their content conveniently from your smartphone or tablet.

Do these online publications offer opportunities for professional networking?

Certainly! Behind The Chair, in particular, provides a platform for professionals to connect, engage in discussions, and expand their network within the cosmetology community.

Are there any additional benefits of subscribing to these online publications?

Apart from the information and resources they provide, these publications often offer exclusive discounts, promotions, and giveaways to their subscribers, adding further value to your subscription.

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