5 Alternative Careers for Hairstylists You Should Know About

alternative careers for hairstylists

If you are already a part of the beauty industry, you will know being a hairstylist is a promising job that promises you a rewarding career with thriving opportunities. But do you know of alternative careers for hairstylists that you can choose from?

Like most people, you might not be completely aware of the alternative career options you can have with your hairstylist skills. You may have learned unique skills in your cosmetology school that can help you build an alternative career and you may not even know it.

Keep reading as we dive in to see what other jobs you can do to flourish your career trajectory.

Careers For Hairstylists You Can Consider


One of the many careers for hairstylists in the industry is wig maker. Does the name sound weird? Or you might think, “Is wig making even an actual job?”

But to everyone’s surprise, wig-making is very much a real job. Wig making includes everything from laying out strands and sewing to transformations.

If you are wondering where wig makers work, it will surprise you to know that there is a growing demand for this job. The average salary of a wigmaker in the US is $35,171. In the hairstyling industry, many senior stylists and certified hairstylists are working with art directors to create wigs for the theatrical industry. If you are someone who loves experimenting and wants to create a visual impact on mass, wig making is your venture to try on.

Wig makers are not only in demand in the theatrical industry, but they are in demand in the medical industry as well. Many wig makers work closely with cancer patients. You will need good people skills to understand different opinions and work accordingly. 

The entertainment industry is one of the most lucrative options for you to start your wig-making career. Who knows, someday you may end up creating iconic looks in Hollywood.

Runway Hairstylist

In the list of careers for hairstylists, runway hairstylist in one of the best career options. A runway hairstylist can be your next career if you want to venture outside of the regular hair salon and into a more glamorous realm. Fashion and runway shows are a dream for those who love fashion around them. You will not even realize how often seeing a model walking down the runway can give you your next makeup idea.

Fashion show stylists have more creative freedom. You can unleash your creativity to bring looks that can inspire thousands. But with a great career, comes some larger difficulties, too. Being a runway hairstylist will demand year-long travel to various cities. Not only that, it will have long working hours which might stretch to all-nighters.

Before entering this glittery world, do not forget to get your cosmetology license and certifications.

Cosmetology Instructor

Apart from being a hairstylist in different fields, becoming a cosmetology instructor is another option on the list of careers for hairstylists. A cosmetology instructor might sound like the most common career path, but it has its perks, too. If you love spreading your knowledge to aspiring hairstylists, opting for a career as a cosmetology instructor can be your calling.

How to Become a Cosmetology Instructor

The first step to being a cosmetology instructor is to get your cosmetology license. For that, you have to register for the licensure exam. Once you are eligible for the exam and qualify for the exam you will receive your cosmetology license.

If your initial expertise lies in hair and makeup, you can do specialization courses. You can venture into either a cosmetology program, esthiology, hairstyling, or any other specialty course.

You must have a passion for leadership and educating others. Imparting proper cosmetology education will help aspiring beauty therapists, and others to be successful in their cosmetology careers.

So, if long hours behind a hairstyling chair bores you, come out and educate aspirants.

Cruise Ship Hairstylist

Ever boarded a ship while on vacation? You may probably know the different services offered onboard. Wondering is there’s any careers for hairstylists in a cruise ship? Guests onboard usually get their hair done in different styles to suit their mood and it is all a part of the vacation package. Such hairstylists are offered excellent compensation and they grow to eventually lead teams of stylists in the future. 

How to Become a Cruise Ship Hairstylist?

You will get this job if you fulfill one of the below requirements

  • 3 years of apprenticeship and 1 year of experience working as a hairstylist.
  • A license in cosmetology or hairdressing

Compensation and Scope

  • You will earn around $1,583 to $5,625 per month, depending on your experience and skills. Along with this, cruise ship passengers offer generous tips, too.
  • You can grow into roles such as Assistant Beauty Salon/Spa Manager.

Platform Stylist

Does the glam and lights of the stage invite you? Do you think your interests are more aligned with the limelight? A job as a platform stylist offers you just that. Wondering if working with celebrities is possible for a hairstylist?

If you are thinking what kind of careers for hairstylists are possible in the industry then here’s what you should know about the role. You would be designing, inventing, and implementing styles on stage for celebrities and stars. Though challenging, the paycheck will definitely make up for it.

How do You Become a Platform Stylist?

Though you may need to brush up on your training and technical skills, the most essential skill that you would need as a platform stylist is how to mingle and socialize with people. This being an on-stage job, you would be coordinating with a lot of crew members. This requires patience and quick thinking. If you want a more relaxed job role, this is not the stage for you.

Compensation and Scope

The compensation for this job can be pretty high, given the highly charged environment and demanding nature. However, if you grow into this role, who knows, you may actually start to like the limelight and fame it has to offer. 

Final Thoughts

The different careers for hairstylists could, indeed, surprise you. Well, there is a lot more where that came from. If you wish to take up cosmetology as a full-time career, you should make sure to get your license for practicing the trade. Start by preparing for the exams with this Cosmetology Practice Test. 


Is a hairstylist a good career?

Yes, of course. The industry is set to grow, and it has already seen a rise.

Do hair stylists make good money?

Hairstylists make a reasonable amount of money depending on who they serve. If you don’t have a well-established salon, it would be difficult to procure a high-paying clientele.

What are the disadvantages of being a hairstylist?

You would have to change careers as you grow older. People who understand the market would probably switch to a better-paying job or develop niche skills in this field.

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