7 Cool Ways to Keep your Cosmetic Tools Organized

7 Cool Ways to Keep your Cosmetic Tools Organized

Are you a person who loves to keep their makeup perfectly organized? Do you find yourself identifying with the super-organized Monica from Friends?

If you love to buy cosmetics but don’t have space for even one more item, we feel your pain. The obsession with buying more lipstick, more eyeshadow, more foundation, and the pain of keeping it tidy (and accessible!) is real.

So what now? Is there a solution, a way to tidy up the toppling pile of cosmetics once and for all? The answer is YES!

I understand it can be tough to take time out from juggling work, home, family, and friends. But even just a few hours over the weekend and some easy-to-find organizational tools can make a big difference. And to help you get the job done, I’ve put together a list of seven tips.

Let’s see the various ways you can keep cosmetic tools organized.

Initiate things

Cosmetic Tools
Cosmetic Tools

The first thing you have to do is to put aside some time. It is not something that just happens when you wake up one morning, thinking of cleaning, and everything gets cleaned. You have to make a plan.

To start, I recommend dumping everything out and emptying pouches and organizers. Once you start with cleaning and organizing, you will find it very therapeutic (I find it so myself!).

During this decluttering step, remember to sort through and pick the things you want to keep. There will be products that are past the expiry date, try to remove those first.

Another thing you can do is to let go of repetitive makeup products. I know one shade of lipstick is never enough. But to keep things neat you can avoid keeping the same five shades of lipstick. The last step in the decluttering process is to find new organizers that will help you keep the cleaned-up tools and products.

Invest in Good Organizers

Cosmetic Tools
Cosmetic Tools

The effort of decluttering will hold no value if you do not have an excellent organizer to keep your stuff. It’s common to see beauty creators showcasing their beauty product organizing skills in the form of videos. Maybe you do not have to go to that extent. However investing in a good drawer organizer will surely upskill your organization skills. These will help keep your things from getting de-cluttered.

You can use artistry drawers to keep your cosmetics aligned vertically and save some more space. If you are someone who loves to look at your cosmetic tools, clear acrylic storage is your best option. But before jumping in to buy a new organizer, analyze the space you have for keeping your products.

You might live in a shared apartment with your friend or a house of your own. Based on your living space, the organizer should fit like a glove. To push your organizing skills a step ahead, I suggest you buy Ikea organizers. They are sturdy and come in different shapes and sizes.

Label it

It is good to get an organizer and start organizing but to make it more effective and useful, you should label your drawers. One of your drawers may be labeled to contain lipsticks and another one, nail paints.

Cosmetic tools like hairdryers and curlers can go into another drawer. The labeling will help you not mess up drawers. It will be more effective and time-saving too.

Use Dividers

This is especially useful if you do not have vast storage space. You can get many organizers in the market that come with adjustable dividers.

This is especially useful in arranging your items according to their sizes. You can organize the dividers by keeping items you use frequently in front and the least used items in the back. This keeps you from rummaging your entire collection to get one product.

Clean your Brushes & Blenders

Cosmetic Tools
Cosmetic Tools

Once you start with the organizing process, you have to make sure to clean your makeup brushes and blenders. You do not have to do anything expensive or super tiring to clean. I will list some easy ways to help you keep your brushes clean.

I would advise you not to keep your brushes in any drawer. Keep them in a pencil or brush holder. To keep your beauty blenders, follow the same steps. Take lukewarm water, rinse your blenders, and let all the makeup get away from the blenders. Once done with washing, rinse and let them dry.

Clean Makeup Bags & Pouches

The brushes are not the only cosmetic tools you should clean. When starting with cleaning and organizing, one should not forget about the makeup pouches. Take them all out and wash them thoroughly. You might find some stains from your lipstick or some products leaking.

It’s time to clean all those stains. Put your pouches upside down to rid all dry debris, and then clean using a cloth dipped in hot water.
Easy! Isn’t it? Yes, it is a 10-minute task and it will help you in the long run.

Keep your Essentials Handy

When you are evaluating your storage space, one tip to keep things accessible is to keep your essentials handy. By essentials, I refer to the things we use daily. Like sunscreens, 2-3 lipsticks, moisturizers, night creams, etc.

For any sudden makeup faux waiting to happen, try to keep some cotton pads handy. Since you need these things daily, you can keep them in front of your drawers or even on top. It will help keep other drawers from bungling up.

By now you hopefully know how you can keep your cosmetics clean and organized. But you may think for a second, is cleaning and organizing only for beautification or any other reason?

Yes! Keeping your makeup products and beauty appliances clean is hygienic and good for your health too. People who are working in the beauty industry undergo extensive teachings on how to keep cosmetics clean. The brushes you are using every day are commonplace for dirt accumulation. The dirt accumulation leads to bacterial growth which is harmful to your body. They might lead to skin sensitivity and rashes.

The bottom line in cleaning and keeping cosmetics organized is beyond creating an artful vibe around your dressing table.

Useful Cosmetic Tools You Should Use 

You have seen the coolest ways you can keep your cosmetic tools organized. Now let us see some really helpful makeup tools that you will find handy. 

Face Halo: The Makeup Remover 

If you want to keep away your many makeup removers and cotton pads from cluttering. Your one-product solution is this modern Face Halo makeup remover. The best part is you can re-use this

It is nothing but a velvety washcloth that can remove the last remaining makeup product from your face. So, what are you waiting for? Get hands-on with this product today! 

Waffle Luxe Hair Turban 

Are you too worried about drying your long hair? To resolve all your worries you can get this Waffle Luxe Hair Turban. Made from Aquitex technology to help you dry your hair quickly will save you time. Along with that, it will also help you get rid of frizziness and breakage. So what’s keeping you from this product? 

NARS Kabuki Ita brush

Contouring if done correctly can enhance your makeup skills. But people often forget this step to avoid all the hassle that comes with it. Knowing the right shade and the perfect blending process can make you easily irritated. 

To make the process hassle-free for you, try the NARS Kabuki Ita brush that will focus on the right angle of your face to highlight your face correctly. 

Apart from these three, there are many other handy cosmetic tools that can save your organization time. Along with that, these products will also replace several items with a single makeup tool!

Wrapping up

We all love buying more cosmetics to add to our collection. But as important as buying new products, it is equally essential that you keep things organized too. It gives a different aesthetic to your vanity.

You do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning them out when you could go out and paint the town red! Adopt a monthly routine, and you and your cosmetics are all set. If you want to become a pro in the beauty industry, you can always start preparing with our free practice cosmetology board test.

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