Cosmetology Careers: Are they Worth the Hype?

Cosmetology Careers

I am a cosmetologist! The name is so fancy and fascinating in itself. It feels great to think you get to spend your whole day with beauty products. But is the hype of a cosmetology career worth it? Is cosmetology a good career? Is the cosmetology industry shining from inside too?

You might have this question (I had a hard time deciding too). So, I can understand the hesitation before diving into a cosmetology field option.

But from what I’ve learned about careers in cosmetology, I am going to help you remove your doubts. Cosmetology, like all other careers, has several good things (and some ugly sides) to sum up.

Let’s dive in to see if you are up to entering the beauty industry with your skills and charm.

Do you have the Following Skills for a Cosmetology Career?

There is no doubt in the fact that cosmetologists are in high demand presently. Working at posh salons and premium spas isn’t the sole benefit of a cosmetologist career. It is about putting in long hours and always having a pleasant attitude. It is true though, so let’s see which traits I think are most important for becoming a cosmetologist.

Oh! Before proceeding any further let me clarify the definition of a cosmetologist for you. A cosmetologist is someone who is a person licensed in beautifying your hair, nails, and skin.

Now that we know the definition, let us learn the important traits and required skills to become a cosmetologist.


Yes! This is the first trait you have to nail for a career in cosmetology. Think about meeting all the different customers with different natures. You won’t be able to make customers feel at ease at your salon if you aren’t friendly (no just your high school diploma won’t do that!)

You don’t want someone who is grumpy to come up to you and speak to you rudely. By having friendly behavior you can earn loyal and happy customers (meaning more revenue!). If you are looking for a cosmetology career and many benefits, you should be good at this.


A client walks into a hair shop unable to articulate the haircut she desires or the appropriate length. This particular scene is familiar to me. The result of this is an unhappy customer with rude behavior to top with.

Tackling this type of situation will need a lot more than being friendly. Tolerance is something you will need in proceeding with your cosmetology career.

It’s understandable if you don’t like every customer who walks into your salon. But, if you want good tips (which everyone loves to have), you must treat each customer with attention and love.


I’ve gone to salons with hostesses who are less communicative. It made me think of not visiting the salon in the near future. And you, being a cosmetologist, would like to avoid these dire situations in your salon (of course!)

To ensure exemplary customer service, you must know the most effective ways to communicate with them. Listen to their requirements and then act that way. This will make your clients pleased and encourage them to return to your salon.


Oh! Yes! This is a critical point. It is more important if you are someone who is starting from scratch. You don’t know how to manage things if you are a recent graduate with a new cosmetology license. So, cosmetology careers and excellent organization skills with both finance and your workplace are very important.

A career in cosmetology might be a high-earning job profile, but not in the beginning stages. You can start by working as an assistant in any salon or by opening a few services in your own home. But it will take time to reach the point of getting a regular paycheck. So, one skill you’ll need to master or adjust is managing your spending with a limited budget (life just got serious!).

Apart from finance, you need to organize your workplace. It is a turnoff for me to walk into an unorganized and untidy salon. Before stepping into the cosmetology world get your organizational skills in place.


There is no question asked when it comes to how hard-working cosmetologists are. I mean look at their working hours! They have to work long days (weekends too!) and add the fact that they have to stand for most of their working hours.

So, if you are someone who is looking for simple work, a career in cosmetology is not for you. Besides, if you have your own business, do not get surprised if you find yourself working after billable hours too. A lot of hard work goes behind establishing yourself as a successful cosmetologist.

Let’s Review why Cosmetology is a Lucrative Professional Choice


Once you have a cosmetology license, you open the doors to a number of cosmetology careers in front of you. As you have read earlier in the article, a cosmetologist is an expert involving hair, nails, and skin. So, you can work in any of these areas of expertise. And you can always go back and get more licenses to unleash more career options for yourself.


Yes! The working hours after choosing a career in cosmetology get much more flexible. I mean think about it, if you have your own home salon you can decide the closing and opening hours. You can also decide the number of holidays you want to take (the luxury we miss in a typical 9-5 job). And if you are a freelance artist, you can pick your work according to your days.

Typically, in hair salons and spas, evening shifts are also available. If you are someone who’s comfortable working late hours, you have that liberty too.


The world around you is becoming increasingly digital. The pandemic hastened the transition to the internet for almost everything. Any beauty lover will find the internet world to be quite rewarding. A cherry on top will be an academic degree or professional license.

A career in cosmetology includes beauty influencers now. If you have enough experience with beauty and make-up, you can start your own YouTube or Instagram channels. Brands are approaching digital creators on a large scale to promote their products. You can use your creativity and innovation to promote different brands through your audience.


Cosmetology professions are most suited for you if you are sociable and enjoy socializing and meeting new people.

It is no secret that cosmetologists meet a wide range of people every day. It is true that some customers will turn out to be rude, but with most customers, you will experience amicable behavior (and maybe even make a new friend!).

And when you mingle with more people, the chances of getting more clients will also increase. The power of recommendations is actually great.

Apart from these, there are many more positive aspects of choosing a career in cosmetology. You do not need an educational degree to be a cosmetologist. You need a license, but those can be acquired by attending courses that are only a few weeks long.

But every coin has two sides, and cosmetology careers might not suit you if:

  • You need a definitive paycheck
  • Working for long hours doesn’t excite you (probably working on weekends too!)
  • You get frequent mood swings
  • Getting sick is something you are prone to (Yes! Prolonged standing might give you muscle cramps and other health-related problems)

Wrapping up

Now that you are aware of all the pros and cons of choosing a career in cosmetology you can choose a bit more wisely. There is indeed glitter and glamour working in the beauty industry, but your choice should reflect you.

Begin your cosmetology career by taking our cosmetology practice exam to improve your chances of admission to a cosmetology school. Your years in cosmetology school will set the foundation for your career.

In my opinion, cosmetology careers are indeed worth the hype, but personal choices play a part in taking it up as a career.

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