Beauty Salon Services Every Cosmetologist Should Know About

Beauty Salon Services Every Cosmetologist Should Know About

So you are fresh out of your cosmetology school and planning on opening a beauty salon. Maybe you have big plans for the future, but you’re thinking of starting with just a few beauty salon services.

You might be up on what is trending and debating which services you should include from the start. Of course, there is no set service list of what you must offer to your new clientele. But you know that hair and nail services are in the most demand.

We can help you with these big decisions and have put together some information on the most popular salon services. Let’s dive in.

4 Beauty Salon Services

Beauty Salon Services Every Cosmetologist Should Know About
Beauty Salon Services
  • Hair Salon Services.
  • Facial Salon Services.
  • Spa Services.
  • Nail Care Services.

Hair Salon Services

We’ll begin with one of the most well-known beauty salon services: the hair salon. You can find a hair salon in almost every shopping center around town. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one area of service. But you’ll need to consider your space, budget, staffing issues, and other preferences before branching out too far or too fast.

Opening a beauty salon that offers hair services can be the safest bet. I’ve listed below the most popular hair salon services:

Haircuts & Styling

Haircuts and styling are the most asked-for hair salon services. If you are opening a salon, your customers will expect you to know how to cut hair and the latest trends, too.

You will have learned all the basics of haircutting and other hairdressing services at cosmetology school, not to mention the dos and don’ts of salon etiquette.

Naturally, any haircutting service will involve washing and drying your customers’ hair. Your accommodations will need to be clean and accessible, with lots of special touches. Nice things like freshly scented shampoos and rinses, with clean, fluffy towels.

Hair Coloring

And of course, these days every other person is coloring their hair! Yes, some people choose to buy their hair color in a box and do it themselves, but even they know there’s nothing like a salon color to give your hair a professional finish.

Most people know that hair color treatments turn out best when done in a salon. Professional highlights take expertise, with special products and supplies. Your customers need your expert eye to know which color will suit their skin tone, age, and hair type best.

Hair extensions

There was a time when short hair was in style. And for some, it can still be the most flattering cut. But now, the style is trending toward long, wavy hair.

Many women can grow their hair long, but not everyone is that lucky (sad but true!). Hair extension services have become very popular. So if you’re planning on opening a hair salon, be sure to offer hair extensions on your list of hair services.

Perms and Hair Relaxers

Hairstyling techniques and new products have come a long way. One very popular trend is the use of hair relaxers. People love the results. And perms are in again and vastly improved!

Perms can add volume to an otherwise thin, lackluster head of hair. Or for the overly thick, wavy, difficult-to-manage head of hair, a relaxing agent takes out the curl and the bulk for a sleek, straight look. These days, every hairstylist needs to be versed in these innovative hairstyling salon services.

Facial Salon Services

Beauty salon services can include far more than just hairstyling. Many cosmetologists have specialized in offering facial treatments.

Customers can now enjoy a basic facial, fruit facial, or even a gold facial. Designed to improve the overall health, tone, and appearance of your skin, facial services should include mask treatments for deep cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing.

To offer facial salon services, start with stocking the following items in your salon:

  • Face massage creams- Often, spas include a facial massage. Facial treatments help in deep muscle relaxation to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Different lotions and facial creams- You’ll need cleansers, toners, exfoliating creams, moisturizers, masks, etc.
  • Gadgets- A facial steamer to start. And something for ambiance. There are lots of new products out on the market, like UV light, priced affordably and easy to find. Your customers will expect you to know all about what’s new.

Spa Services

You may not be able to provide spa services right off the bat. This service is more often seen in established beauty salons, as it requires specialized equipment and a different range of facilities. “Spa treatment” is a non-medical term and process that relaxes and rejuvenates for better blood and oxygen flow.

There is a wide range of spa services available, and here are some of the most familiar:

  • Ayurveda spa services
  • Aromatherapy
  • Mud bath spa
  • Steam bath with spa service

If you’re determined to start with spa services, go for a day spa. Day spas provide more facilities than a beauty salon spa. These spas have pools, steam rooms, and saunas, along with all the other usual amenities.

And starting a spa service involves more hoop-jumping than a beauty salon. To begin with, you will need a specialized business license to operate a spa service and establish a spa service shop. You will also need to register your business entity with your Secretary of State and employ trained, licensed employees.

Nail care services

The next on the beauty salon services list is nail care. You must have seen your favorite beauty influencers flaunting their stunning nails. And not only is it beauty influencers, but manicured nails are also a must in many other sectors. Airlines, office work, nursing; really, any profession will require neat, trimmed nails.

Nail salons, like hair salons, are in great demand and easy to find close by. Most salons will offer nail care and styling services, including nail filing, nail shaping, polishing, advanced cuticle care, etc.

As part of manicure and pedicure packages, many salons will include hand and foot massage, exfoliating, and other rejuvenating treatments.
Requiring special training, some staff can provide nail extension services. Customers can choose from a wide range of nail extension options, such as.

  • Hard gel
  • Express nails
  • Fiberglass
  • Silk wrap
  • Acrylics

With such a diverse range of beauty salon services, you must assess and determine which ones to prioritize. You cannot dive deeper without knowing the depth of the water. To get proper knowledge, you can crack the state nail technician exam. To get an idea of what questions come, you could try our nail tech practice exam.

Don’t worry about starting a beauty salon with a few services only. There are plenty of different certification courses available on the web, and you can add on specific service certifications at the pace you set.


Start with a few beauty salon services and grow gradually. You can always learn about new techniques and grow with your clientele. And don’t forget that a smiling face, great service, and lots of patience go a long way to bringing in new customers.
Happy Salon Opening!

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Beauty Salon Services Every Cosmetologist Should Know About

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