7 Types of Salons You Should Know About

Types Of Salons You Should Know About

I was awestruck to know that there are at least 5-6 types of different salons! Usually, the word salon gives me the image of a place where I can have a haircut or get a facial done.

Let us assume you are passionate about beauty and cosmetics and want to start your own beauty salon. But you are not sure which type of salon you want to start. You can come up with the idea of setting up only a hair salon, or a salon providing facilities of facials, scrubbing, and so on.

To help us out, I have curated a list of the most common types of salons we normally encounter.

I want to share what I discovered about what types of salons exist, and you would be surprised. There are different types, and one of them is your own!

Types of Salons

High Street Salons

I have seen these types of salons in posh localities with glittering lights and logos. These types of salons fall in the category of providing high-end facilities. You just cannot enter and ask for a haircut (No! Totally unprofessional). It won’t be unnatural for these salons to have an appointment system.

The best part is you can encounter one of your familiar celebrity’s faces once in a while in these salons. The owners of these types of salons get good revenue to run the complete set-up plus some freebies sometimes.

High street salons provide over one service. They provide an extensive range of hair services from cutting, curling to keratin and smoothening. Not only hair, but you can also get your facial, scrubbing, waxing done too. Some high-end salons also provide services of manicures and pedicures (Yes, you enter once and get it all done in one go!).

The look and environment of high-end salons are also very different from that of your locality’s traditional salons. Once I entered these types of salons, I was pleasantly surprised to receive welcome drinks!

The furnishing and decor will have a modern touch to make you feel more comfortable. The whole environment is tailored to provide you with comfortable service and also pamper you at the same time.

Home- Hair Salons

This type of salon is best when you are starting off new. You do not need to have high-end products or tools, to begin with. If you have a cosmetologist license, you are all set to start with your own home salon.

You can actually start by offering services to your friends and family. Your service can bloom by word of mouth through your close ones.

Home salons may not provide a wide range of services, but what I can assure is their warmth in their service (Oh yes! I can personally vouch for this). The only requirement you will need is to have a separate partition for your salon. I am sure you do not want your siblings to peek while you are giving a haircut! Also, a bit of multi-tasking to manage everything on your own.


It may seem like by nature all salons are more or less similar. But it’s quite the opposite. Every salon type has a specialty of its own. For instance, if you are visiting a boutique salon you will know it’s more than just getting a facial done.

These types of salons are very famous for selling retail stuff (Sounds fun! getting a hair done and shopping at the same place!). You might not get a variety of stuff but you can expect a range of handbags, clothing, and jewelry. It is easy to guess that these types of salons are more on the expensive side. I prefer visiting these salons when I am visiting a new place (Gives me the chance to get my hands on some exclusive clothing pieces!)


Seeing a barbershop in your locality must be a common sight for you. Barbers shops are actually more common than beauty parlors. A barber is someone who is an expert and licensed person to cut and trim men’s hair and do grooming.

A barbershop has no extra glimmer. In most shops, they typically made it a traditional one with a chair, mirror, and a few hair styling appliances. Apart from haircutting, barbers are aware of hair color as well. As a licensed cosmetologist, you can work in a barbershop only in the presence of a licensed barber.

Specialty Salons

By the name itself, it is quite understandable that these types of salons are more focused on providing specialty services. What I mean by this is that these types of salons have cosmetologists who are experts in one type of work. They will have educational qualifications to support their credibility (This is my go-to preference for special requirements!).

If you visit a hair specialty salon, you can expect the providers to be experts in hair treatments, cutting. People who need specific requirements for facials, nails, or hair visit these types of salons.

Salon & Spa

I have come across this type of salon in hotels and resorts. It is more familiar to have salon spas in high ends of resorts to provide extended service. You must have seen people pampering themselves by getting the body and hair spas done on their birthdays (Literally every other Instagram creator on their birthday!). Their services are also a bit on the higher end, but the decor and atmosphere make it worth every penny.

Some spas and salons also have licenses for serving alcoholic beverages. This is to enhance the customer experience. If you want to pamper yourself one fine day, do not forget to visit your nearest spa to relax your muscles.

Scholar Hair Salon

If you are planning to get into a cosmetologist school, you will be familiar with a scholar hair salon. These salons are present in a cosmetologist school to aid students with their teachings. They normally instruct students to work for their clients under their supervision. This helps the students to get hands-on experience.

Hey, if you are planning to get into a cosmetologist school, you will also come across such hair salons where you will learn all about hair cuttings and styling. These teachings will help you set up your own career and a salon in the future. Also, check out this free Barber Practice test where you assess yourself on the basics of barbering. Do you think you can ace it?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest trends in salon services, and which types of salons offer them?

Current beauty and grooming trends and which salons are best equipped to provide these services. For example, organic or natural beauty treatments might be trending, and the answer would specify if a particular type of salon (like eco-friendly or holistic salons) specializes in these services.

Are there any unique or niche salon types that I might not know about?

Less common or emerging salon concepts that cater to specific interests or needs, such as mobile salons, pop-up salons, or salons that offer a combination of services like coffee and haircuts. This can intrigue readers and introduce them to novel experiences.

What should I expect in terms of health and safety standards across different salon types?

Given the health and hygiene concerns, especially post-pandemic, this question is crucial. The response would cover standard health and safety practices readers should look for in any salon, such as cleanliness, sterilization of tools, and the staff’s adherence to health guidelines. It could also discuss certifications or inspections that reputable salons undergo.

Wrapping up

It might feel confusing to us what is the difference between all these types. Your confusion is correct! Though there are no major differences in all these salon types, each type offers you something different from the other.

I learned so much while researching this article that I wanted to share with you the 7 types of salons I discovered, and how different they are. Whether it’s the price, location, or ability, it was fascinating for me to learn that there were so many differences.

I hope that my research of these salons helps you in finding just the right salon for you!

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