7 Tips On Preparing For Your State Board Exam

5 Tips On Preparing For Your State Board Exam

We’ve received a ton of emails from candidates just like you asking us for tips on preparing for their state board exam. The preparation stage is going to be absolutely crucial to your success so we understand why so many candidates have reached out to us with this question.

With all things in life, success is purely the combination of hard work and belief.
Preparing for your state board exam will certainly be no walk in the park. And that’s exactly why we think it’s important to have some solid guidelines to follow along the way.
In response to all of the emails we received on this topic, we called upon one of our own, master instructors Melinda Davis, to help us crack the code.

Tips On Preparing For Your State Board Exam

7 Tips On Preparing For Your State Board Exam
7 Tips On Preparing For Your State Board Exam

1. Get Your Stuff Together

The most important thing to do, of course, is to register to take your exam. Once you are registered, mark the date on your calendar. Be sure to also note the location of your testing area ahead of time so that you have an idea of the travel time it will take to get there from your house.

Next, be aware of all the supplies you will need in order to take the exam. Bring doubles for everything in case you drop something during your exam. Remember, you will need to supply your own models for the practical exam, very important to not forget this step.

You will also need printed proof of your training hours from your school. Followed up by an approved form of identification.

To avoid being docked, make sure to follow all of the guidelines listed above.

2. Study, Study, Study. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Now that you have registered for your exam and you have acquired all of the required tools, it’s time to do the dirty work!

We can’t emphasize how importance this step is to your success. The state board exam will test you on concepts, definitions, practices, theories, safety procedures, sanitation practices and more.

The exam is tough, we won’t sugar coat it.

The national fail rate is 51% and keeps getting worse every year (#YIKES!).

A survey of candidates who failed their state board exam reveals that a staggering number of them relied solely on their textbooks to study for their exam. As we all know, putting all of your eggs in one basket can have unintended consequences.

So what is the most effective way to study for the state board exam?

We recommend using CPT Guru’s powerful study material. Candidates who used CPT Guru’s study material to prepare for their state board exams, passed at double the national rate! Don’t waste your time and money taking the state board exam over and over again. Be smart and strive to pass the exam the first time around so you can get going on your career.

CPT Guru’s study material includes; questions direct from the state board exam, up-to date study guides, sectional quizzes,  and more.

If you use their study material and you fail your exam, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Not bad, huh?

CPT’s main goal is to help you pass your state board exam but, more importantly, they strive to help you save time on your studying so that you can get back to doing the more important things in life (like binge watching ridiculous reality shows that make you feel better about your life! #NoJudgement, #We’veAllBeenThereBefore).

Try a free practice test! 

3. Get Mentally Prepared.

In order to be confident on exam day, you should get familiar with the structure of the exam.
Written examinations typically last 90 minutes.

Depending on your state, practical examinations can last from 4 to 8 hours and typically 2 to 4 hours for shorter exams like esthetics, nail technology, and electrology exams.

Typically there are short breaks, but make sure you are quick with your snack or bathroom breaks, because if you’re late returning to the exam room, you may not be allowed back in (#FML).

Keep in mind that during the practical exam, you’ll be in a room full of people. There may be distractions during the exam but make sure to keep your focus sharp on your exam.
We recommend you get to the testing facility early so you have some time to review before the exam. This will also allow you to get familiar with the space that you will be in for your exam.

4. Stop Stressing Out.

We’ve all heard that a little bit of pressure can make people perform better, but at the same time, too much pressure can make people shut down.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to attempt to cram material the night before the exam. We recommend that you finish your studying a week before your exam so that you can use the remainder of the time to review what you’ve learned.

You shouldn’t be learning any new material the night before the exam.

It is important to relax and eat a well balanced meal the night before your exam.

It is also important to get a good nights sleep the day before your exam, at least 8 hours of shut eye. Pulling an all-nighter will only tire your brain’s neurons which will in turn prevent it from retrieving memorized content for the test

You’ve done the work, put in the hours, studied hard – you have every reason to be confident! You know this!

5. Reward Yourself.

In the midst of preparing for your big exam, you neglect the most important person you should be caring for. Yourself.

Make sure to reward yourself for all of your studying accomplishments, whether they are big or small.

If you get a 100% on a practice exam, reward yourself with your most favorite desert item (oreo cookies milkshake anyone?).

Small rewards allow your brain to realize dopamine was achieved through hard work. Once the brain connects the two activities together, you will become unstoppable!

Need help preparing for the state board exam? We’ve got you covered! Learn more about our state board exam review guides below.

Here are the tips shortened, simplified, and kept conversational:

6. Review Tricky Topics

Note sections you struggle with on practice tests. Go back over hard topics until you know them well. Ask your teacher for help with confusing stuff.

Don’t ignore tough areas. Master them!

7. Read Slowly and Carefully

Read each question and answer choice completely. Rushing leads to picking wrong answers. Take time to fully understand the question.

Don’t assume – read everything. Careless mistakes happen when you move too fast. Slow down!

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