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Graduating from cosmetology school is a huge achievement. It comes after months of hard work, and countless hours spent practicing. So, if your family member is graduating, you probably want to find the perfect gift… But, how do you know what to buy? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for something useful, or a keepsake to show just how proud you are, this list will help you to find some of the best cosmetology graduation gifts for your loved ones.

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Let’s kick things off with some useful gifts to help your loved one in their new career:

New Equipment

The person you’re buying for probably already has some cosmetology equipment. After all, pretty much every beauty student has a student kit to see them through school.

But, these kits are not always of the best quality.

In fact, many cosmetologists choose to replace their student kits after graduation. Slowly, their trusty school supplies are replaced by higher quality equipment. This helps them to do the best job possible in their new careers, but it can be expensive!

So, if you are looking to splurge on a graduation gift, a piece of carefully chosen equipment is a great option. After all, having high-quality equipment in their personal arsenal can help a cosmetologist to feel confident, and look professional.

And, both feeling confident and looking professional is important when it comes to starting their new job!

What New Equipment to Buy?

So, what’s the good news?  Well, there is a lot of equipment out there to choose from.

But, it is important to consider your budget, and the recipient’s career plans, before choosing some best cosmetology graduation gifts. After all, you don’t want to accidentally spend more than you can afford. Or buy scissors for a cosmetologist hoping to specialize as a make-up artist.

Right, so you’ve planned your budget? Great!

Now, let’s get down to business. If you are planning to splurge on an expensive gift, you could look at something like:

A pair of great quality scissors:

Cutting hair is an art form, and having the right tools can make all the difference between a messy ‘do’ or a beautiful cut.

cosmetology gifts - scissors
cosmetology gifts – scissors

So, help your friend or relation work their magic with a pair of quality new scissors.

Or a new makeup kit:

A make-up artist needs high-quality make-up to ply their trade. And by now, their student kit is probably looking a little worn…

cosmetology gifts - makeup kit
cosmetology gifts – makeup kit

Well, it’s probably had lots of use over the duration of their program!

So, why not help them to launch their new career with a beautiful new makeup kit?  After all, there is nothing better than unboxing new make-up.

But beware. Buying equipment for someone else is fraught with danger. And, if you’re not a cosmetologist yourself, it can be tricky to know what equipment to buy.

If you are lucky, your recipient will have mentioned what kind of equipment they would like in conversation… But, if not, it’s a good idea to ask what they would prefer before making any expensive purchases.

Or, err on the side of caution and give vouchers!

OK, I get it. You don’t really want to ask your friend or relative about what to buy… After all, that could be kind of awkward!

What if they ask for something way out of your budget? Or do you forget what they wanted when you get to the store?

So, to keep things simple, why not give them vouchers?

That way, they can pick something they love, and you know your generosity will be worthwhile.

But, don’t worry if your budget is modest, you can still choose something useful…

Like a spare set of combs:

If you’re a cosmetologist yourself, you’ll know just annoying a broken comb can be… Picture the scene, you’re partway through a cut and your favorite comb snaps cleanly in half!

cosmetology gifts - combs
cosmetology gifts – combs

It happens to the best of us. But when you’re just starting out, little annoyances can feel overwhelming.

So, make sure a snapped comb is no big deal by gifting your friend a spare set.

Or an apron:

cosmetology gifts - apron
cosmetology gifts – apron

Every cosmetologist needs an apron for those messy jobs. So, help your friend to protect their fancy new work clothes with a personalized apron.

What’s more, it even comes with pockets!

A cosmetology tool holder:

Keeping all those tools in hand can be difficult. And when you’re cutting and styling hair, the last thing you want to do is misplace your comb or scissors.

So, help your friend stay organized with a desk-top tool-holder. Perfect for busy days in the salon, it keeps all their scissors, combs, and brushes easily accessible.

A coffee mug:

cosmetology gifts - coffee mug
cosmetology gifts – coffee mug

With long hours spent on their feet, is it any wonder that cosmetologists often reach for a cup of coffee?

So, help your friend sip in style with a personalized cosmetology coffee mug.

Or a personalized thermos:

If the cosmetologist in your life is always rushing around, a personalized thermos might be more useful than a standard mug.

Try this personalized hot/cold thermos for a fun way to keep hydrated.

Looking for something a little different?

Sometimes, the joy of giving comes from choosing something unexpected. Something the recipient doesn’t even know that they want.

So, if you want to wow a cosmetology student with your ability to think outside the box, why not try…

A magazine subscription:

If your friend dreams of working for themselves, a Beauty Store magazine subscription could be the perfect graduation present.

Packed with information on everything from new products to trends in retailing, the Beauty Store magazine provides expert advice on marketing techniques, merchandising, and store operations; ideal for budding beauty entrepreneurs.

A foot-spa:

OK, so we’ve already established that cosmetologists spend long hours on their feet. So, help your friend sooth their aches and pains with a long, bubbly foot soak…

Trust us, they are sure to thank you after the first week in their new job!

OK,  so that’s a lot of great options to consider. But, what if you’d prefer a keepsake over something useful? Something that shows just how proud you are of your friend or family member’s achievement?

Luckily, there are plenty of options for keepsakes on the market…

So, let’s have a look at some more sentimental gifts that cosmetology graduates are sure to love:

A beautiful cosmetology charm bracelet:

Jewelry is a fantastic way to show someone you care. And we absolutely love the message on this bracelet; ‘she believed she could…so she did.’

What better way to show how proud you are of your friend’s hard work, self-belief, and commitment?

Plus, this gorgeous bracelet can be personalized with the recipient’s birthstone and initial, making it even more special!

Or this more minimalistic bracelet:

If you are buying a gift for a cosmetology graduate who prefers more minimalistic jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this bracelet.

Featuring tiny scissors and a comb, this bracelet is both delicate and stylish. With its simple style, it lets the wearer subtly display their passion, wherever they go.

A cosmetology inspired necklace:

It takes a lot of dedication to qualify as a cosmetologist. So, show your friend that you understand how much they love all things hair with this necklace.

Featuring a heart-shaped pendant that ends in a pair of scissors and a comb, this necklace is super cute. In fact, it might just be our favorite piece of cosmetology-inspired jewelry out there.

Or these earrings:

That’s right, You can find cosmetology jewelry to suit any cosmetologist’s tastes…

So, if you know a cosmetology graduate who likes to make a statement, these large scissor earrings are perfect!

Bonus tip, gift these earrings before graduation so that they can be worn to the recipient’s graduation party.

OK, so that’s a lot of jewelry to choose from. But, if gifting jewelry isn’t really your style, you could try an alternative kind of keepsake. Maybe something like…

A cute key-chain:

Everyone needs a way to keep their keys together. And this cute keychain is the perfect way to honor their love of cosmetology.

We just love the scissors and comb charms!

Or a hand-painted wooden sign:

If you’d prefer to stay away from jewelry, this wooden sign could be the ideal gift for you.

Featuring a message that shows just how much you value their new profession, it’s a great way of saying ‘well done on your graduation!’.

But, what if you don’t want something overly sentimental? Maybe you’d prefer a more lighthearted keepsake? Something that says you get how hard they’ve worked in a more tongue-in-cheek way?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Why not try…

An ‘I survived cosmetology school’ T-Shirt

If you’ve watched your loved one work their way through cosmetology school, you probably know how tough all those hours of intense study were.

This tongue-in-cheek present sums up how well they did perfectly.

Plus, it comes in a range of gorgeous colors and is available in sizes from small to 2 XL.

Or this stemless wineglass:

If your friend enjoys a glass of wine, this ‘because clients’ glass is ideal.

But remember, whatever gift you choose, it’s the thought that counts. Few things are more important to a cosmetology graduate than knowing their friends and family are proud of them.

Wrapping Up

As discussed above, you can plan the best cosmetology graduation gifts and your loved ones would love them on their special day. Make sure you tell them just how awesome you think they are. And how much you believe in them too!

If you know someone who is interested in cosmetology and is passionate about becoming a cosmetologist, they can take our free practice test to level up their preparation process.


What to get someone graduating from cosmetology school?

Let’s discuss some gift ideas for someone graduating from cosmetology school. 

  • Personalized mugs or thermos.
  • Personalized aprons.
  • Charm bracelets.
  • Hand-painted wooden sign.
  • Business cards.
  • Necessary equipment.
  • Make-up. 

What supplies do you need for cosmetology school?

Some of the commonly required supplies for cosmetology schools are as follows:

  • Mannequin heads.
  • Aprons.
  • Shears, scissors, and combs.
  • Electric appliances.
  • Perming accessories.
  • Razors.
  • Clips, spray bottle with water, and other cutting accessories.

What are the 5 things in cosmetology?

The 5 major things you will learn in a cosmetology training program are as follows:

  • Manicures and pedicures.
  • Lash extensions, hair removal.
  • Skincare.
  • Hairstyling.
  • Makeup.

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