Top 10 Cosmetology Magazine in 2024 You Must Read – Part 2

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Being a cosmetologist or a person who is genuinely interested in cosmetics (hair and skincare enthusiasts), how do you stay abreast of the new developments in the beauty industry? You need Cosmetology Magazine with either glossy pages or an attractive web design to grab your fair share of tips, tricks, and knowledge about the hair and beauty industry.

This ever-changing and updating industry has a lot of magazines you can trust and refer to stay in line with the trend. We have already listed 10 cosmetology magazines, this article will consist of the next 10 read-worthy, trust-worthy magazines you can rely on.

10 Read-Worthy Cosmetology Magazine

Thanks to technology, you get to read this article and learn about the top cosmetology magazines. With that in mind, this article will give you a heads up about the cosmetology magazines you are looking for, along with the official website link.

Here are the ten cosmetology magazines discussed below:

  • NewBeauty.
  • Allure.
  • Skin Inc. Magazine.
  • Glamour.
  • Lucky.
  • Faze Magazine.
  • Instyle.
  • Be Beautiful Magazine.
  • Modern Salon Magazine.


Carving a unique niche, NewBeauty is completely dedicated to the beauty industry. NewBeauty takes one step ahead in providing credible and trustworthy beauty information. Empowering millions of women, NewBeauty’s magazine has grown into a luxury brand. Cutting-edge information from beauty treatments, beauty products, and advancements in wellness and health, to cosmetics enhancement procedures, makes this beauty magazine stand out.

Visit the NewBeauty website to get an insight into the latest trends and skincare from beauty professionals. This publication provides a subscription model to access their aesthetic beauty information.


Allure is a beauty magazine that strongly believes the hair and beauty industry is a global artform. it considers the “anti-aging” concept to be a terrible idea and every kind of beauty deserves appreciation. The magazine strives in providing worthy content that is innovative, inspiring, and honest to its readers. Allure’s rigorous fact-checking and reporting of its content has secured them a Best of Beauty Award. The commitment to creative exploration in the beauty industry has made Allure a leading publication.

With Allure, you can subscribe to this publication to receive beneficial and insightful beauty information.

Skin Inc. Magazine

Skin Inc. magazine provides skin care facilities via its owners and managers primarily in the United States and Canada. This magazine has practicing estheticians who are professionals in providing information about treatment techniques, skin science, skin care, and business solutions.

Visit the Skin Inc. website to receive unbiased, in-depth technical and business information based on skin care and face & body spas, as well as a daily newsletter. You can be a qualified member of their community by subscribing to their list.


Glamour was originally called Glamour of Hollywood. The magazine was first published in April 1939, by Conde Nast Publications. The target audience for this magazine is from 18 – 49 years. Their subscriptions reach nearly 1 million users every month. The magazine provides information from style, the beauty industry, wellness, and culture, to entertainment.

On the Glamour website, you have the privilege to subscribe to their newsletters based on your likings, such as Glamour daily, beauty, wellness, and shopping.


The lucky magazine launched in December 2000, adding one more magazine from Conde Nast publications. This sheds a fresh look into everyday products and tips that bring success, happiness, and health.

Lucky magazines provide information from beauty, hair, accessories, and gear to large appliances. You can subscribe to its newsletter to receive content about beauty products from its professionals. To subscribe to their newsletter click on “Subscribe” at the top right corner and give your email address.

Faze Magazine

Faze magazine is based out of Canada, targeting teen girls of 12 to 17 years old. Though their target audience are teens, they cover a wide range of topics related to health, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, food, lifestyles, and relationships. Faze magazine best suits women who want to grow, love, and share.

Subscribe to this empowering and positive community and receive its inspiring content. The magazine ensures that young people can get a chance to write and edit the articles.


Instyle is an American monthly magazine started in 1994. In February 2022, the magazine announced that it would stop all the printing and move completely digital. This magazine provides information from beauty, hair, lifestyle, fashion, and celebrity, to political and social issues.

The delightful and informative blog takes an extra mile for its readers by providing details only about the most worthy products, their ingredients, and a step-by-step guide to using them.  Visit the InStyle website and subscribe to their newsletter to get frequent beauty updates.

Be Beautiful Magazine

It is an extensive magazine that provides information from health & wellness, fashion, lifestyle, culture, relationships, and travel, to celebrities.

The Be Beautiful magazine has a wonderful beauty industry block that has the latest beauty feed. Subscribe to its newsletter and be informed about the latest trends in the beauty industry. (Click on the mail icon in the top right corner of the panel to give your details and subscribe to its newsletter.)

Modern Salon Magazine

Modern Salon magazine is one of the best cosmetology magazines to attract the attention of its subscribers. This magazine presents the latest trends of hair care and salon products. The trendsetting ideas from this magazine let’s cosmetic chemists dream about their new successful products.

Modern salon magazine is a go-to for professionals entering the cosmetology & beauty industry, or a stylist looking for a trendy hair dryer for their business. Visit the Modern Salon magazine to choose the right beauty services, products, and professionals. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get frequent updates. 

GCI Magazine

GCI Magazine stands for Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine. It is well known for its makeup tips. In addition to this, the magazine mostly provides information related to business and marketing for the beauty industry.

The GCI Magazine is known as the beauty innovator’s resource. You can visit the website and subscribe to get a vast amount of information from GCI’s beauty information resource.


Whether you are a professional in the cosmetic industry or would like to start a career in the beauty industry, reading or referring to all these magazines can introduce you to the exposure you need. Visit the above-mentioned websites and update your knowledge about the latest technologies and trends related to Cosmetics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which magazines will be most appropriate for the beauty salons?

The following are a few magazines you can subscribe for your beauty salon:

How do I cancel my Allure subscription?

You have the option to cancel the Allure subscription whenever you wish to. You can visit their subscription page to cancel it.

Name one Cosmetology magazine that provides the latest information about the cosmetics or beauty industry?

Instyle is one of the most read-worthy magazines you can get for the latest information regarding the cosmetics industry. They are completely digitized as of 2022, which makes it easier for its readers to access it at any time and from any part of the world.

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