23 Must-Have Hair Stylist Essentials: Tools and Equipment

hair stylist essentials

Are you passionate about becoming a hairstylist or barber? Are you planning to start a hair salon? Do you know the hair stylist essentials tools and equipment you need to start your hair salon?

If not, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, you will learn all about the role of a hairstylist in a hair salon, and the essential hair salon tools and equipment you will need to start your career as a hairstylist or barber in your own salon.

Before we start discussing about the hair stylist essentials tools, let’s learn about the roles of a hairstylist.

The Role of a Hairstylist

Hairstylists play a vital role in styling a client’s hair. Here are some of the roles performed by hairstylists:

  • Cut clients’ hair by using basic to advanced techniques.
  • Perform chemical hair treatments.
  • Color clients’ hair after discussing styles and colors they prefer.
  • Provide hair spas.
  • Style clients’ hair with styling tools.

23 Hair Stylist Essentials Tools Needed to Start a Hair Salon

If you are planning to start a hair salon, read more to learn more about the essential hair salon tools and other requirements you may need for your hair salon.


As clients enter a hair salon, the first place they get to see is the reception area. The reception area should be well planned in a way that your clients have the best impression of your hair salon and the services you offer.

Here are some of the essential things a hair salon reception area must have:

  • Signage of your working hours.
  • A reception desk.
  • Reception seating and furniture.
  • Magazines and a magazine rack.
  • A retail products display area.
  • Business cards.
  • A device with software to book or schedule appointments.
  • A cash register.


Once the client has chosen a service, the next area they will explore is the styling area. It is best to have all essential items for the styling area in your hair salon. Let’s discuss some essential items you may be required to have in your salon styling area.


A salon styling chair can help a hairstylist more conveniently perform styling tasks for their clients. The styling chair comes in different variants and price ranges. You can choose a styling chair according to your need and budget.


As a hairstylist, you must have a good pair of shears. Having a good pair of all-purpose shears is a must for a hairstylist in a hair salon so they can work more efficiently. It also helps you offer precise haircuts to your clients.


A trimmer is another essential requirement for a hairstylist or barber in a hair salon. Trimmers help you achieve a sharp and clean look for your clients. It is another tool that can help you offer precise detailing.


A razor is another tool used for removing hair quickly and can also help to build incredible texture. It is best to own a razor with interchangeable blades that are suitable for straight razor cutting, creating textures, and blending.


Sectioning clips help to section-off a client’s hair when cutting, styling, or coloring. As a hairstylist or barber, creating sections and working on a client’s hair section-by-section can help you achieve the best results.


Capes are helpful when you are giving a client a haircut as it can help them stay clean. You will need a duster brush to dust off the hair after a haircut. Capes and duster brushes are one of the most essential requirements for a hair salon.


Spray bottles help to wet a client’s hair before and at the time of a haircut. Cutting wet hair can help to achieve a precise haircut.


The hairstyling station is another place clients spend most of their time when they go to a hair salon. Let’s discuss some essential hairstyling tools you may need for your hair salon.


Blow-dryers can help retain hair moisture and make your client’s hair look good. It is always a good idea to invest in a blow-dryer that is lightweight and has minimal sound output. It is also a good choice to buy professional blow dryers from well-known brands.


One of the most must-have hairstyling tools is a hair straightener. Hair straighteners are a must-have tool for every hairstylist so they can make their clients’ hair look pretty without the hassle. There are many different styles you can create with your client’s hair by using a hair straightener.


As a professional hairstylist, owning a curling iron helps to create different looks for your clients. Curling irons come in handy when creating different kinds of styles and trying out different techniques on your clients. You can invest in a curler that fits your requirements and budget.


Running a hair salon without a good set of combs and brushes is close to impossible. Brushes and combs not only contribute to haircuts, but also to styling purposes. It is best to invest in combs made of graphite reins, silicone, or carbon fibre.


As a part of haircuts and hair spas, hair wash services are also offered. So, the shampoo station is also a part of a hair salon. In a hair salon, a shampoo station is required to have all essential supplies to offer the best service to your clients.

Let’s discuss a few essential requirements for a shampoo station in a hair salon.

  • Towels.
  • A shampoo chair and basin.
  • All required haircare products.


Hair salons also offer hair spa services. Hair spa services require products to offer the best hair spa service to clients. The most essential requirement is the following:

  • Hair care products are required for a hair spa. The required products may vary depending on the types of hair spa services you offer in your hair salon.

Wrapping Up

The above items are very basic, but essential tools and requirements you need to start and run a successful hair salon. Most of these tools are also an essential part of a hairstylist, hairdresser, or barber’s toolkit. The list of hair stylist essentials tools and equipment may vary depending on your requirement and budget.

If you are passionate about becoming a hairstylist or hair salon owner, you will need to take the exam and receive your license. To kick off your preparation for the exam, you can try our free practice test and prepare for the exam more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What materials do you need for a hair salon?

There are a few essential materials required to start and run a hair salon. They are the following:

  • Reception area essentials – Signage of your working hours, business cards, and reception area furniture.
  • Styling area essentials – Capes, shears, a trimmer, sectioning clips, a spray bottle, and a salon chair.
  • Hairstyling tools – A hair straightener, a curling iron, blow-dryers, combs, and brushes.
  • Shampoo and Spa station essentials – A shampoo chair and basin, towels, and hair care products.

What tools does a hairdresser use?

Some of the essential tools that a hairdresser uses are as follows:

  • A hair straightener.
  • A curling iron.
  • A blow-dryer.
  • Shears.
  • Combs and brushes.

What hair products do I actually need as a hairstylist?

Some essential hair products required for a hair salon are as follows:

  • Shampoo.
  • Conditioner.
  • Leave-in conditioner.
  • Hair serum.
  • Hair sprays.
  • Hair care products for hair spas.

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